About me


Currently, I am working as a Post-doc researcher at the Center for Ubiquitous Computing at the University of Oulu. I graduated in 2019, after two and a half years of PhD studies. My PhD topic is mobile sensing applied to understanding end-user usage behaviour and how the use of technology can influence our attention and daily life.

Pre-Phd studies I worked as a teaching and research assistant for the University of Oulu. I also have experience as a software developer, focusing on designing, developing, and programming customer management services for healthcare industries. In my current work life, I mainly perform data analysis and collection, leverage machine learning, and mainly design and implement the data collection applications and tools for our user studies on my own. Our most used platform is Android in the form of smartphones and other mobile devices.

I have acquired high-level programming skills in Android, Java, R, and python, as well as a concrete understanding of web and stand-alone development.


I have lived majority of my life in Oulu, and spent my military service of 6 months in Rovaniemi. After graduating from high school and applying (and getting accepted) to University of Oulu I put my studies on hiatus for several years and pursued semi-professionalism in online poker. After this period I returned to my studies and graduated from University of Oulu in 5 years.

I love to travel, and spend time outdoors. I’ve yet to visit all continents but hopefully during my PhD I get to finish that goal. A large portion of my free time goes either outdoors with our dog, or gaming on my computer – albeit recently I’ve noticed having less and less time for gaming. I’m an avid fan of board and card games, such as Magic the Gathering. I learned to play the keyboards at age of five, and have played on-and-off ever since, in e.g. the band Valentfoe with my old friends.

During my studies I was and still am heavily attached to the student and alumni organisations of University of Oulu, and spent 4 years as either board member or as a functionary (e.g. webmaster, graphic designer) for the technical students’ guild or computer science students’ guild.